The Bowled and the Beautiful

Posted: December 14, 2015 in Blurbs and Rants, Family, Humour
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bowling     As time flows by, we have times where certain items are needed more than others. Take hair gel, for instance. There was a time when this product was a necessary item for me. This is, sadly, no longer the case, as what hair I do have certainly requires no gel to stay in place.

Short shorts were something that may have been on my radar at one time, but if I tried to wear those now we would have a crisis on hand to be sure. Copious amounts of beer in my past have slowly but surely been replaced by other beverages less invasive on my liver. Braces also could have been used at one point. But now, well….let’s just not go there.

And so we have established that as I get older, some articles become less important while still others are less important to the point where they aren’t necessary. All true. But some things are always required. Toilet paper never passes out of favour. Towels, soap, and shampoo still are needed even though my aforementioned hair dilemma is still unfolding. We need heat, hot water, clothing, footwear….the list is endless really.

There is a point here. Of which I am about to divulge. Trust me. I wouldn’t waste your time, would I?

The point is, yesterday, I finally got fed up with asking ‘who has the bowl?’ That is not a question any family really needs to have to ask. At this point in the evolution of my marriage, we should be overflowing with bowls. I don’t mean soup bowls. No, I mean the ‘salad-making, mixing-recipe, popcorn-chips-cheezie bowls’. The kind of vessel where you can put enough stuff in the share.

We have somehow gotten to the point where we had only one such bowl. And really, I could live with that (I have been for a while). The problem was the time management and use of said bowl. At any one time in the last month this bowl has been used as: a place for keys, a fruit holder, a bacon grease receptacle, a sock drawer, my toy in the bathtub, the remote holder, a leveler for the piano, and a drum.

Not necessarily in that order.

And so, armed with my wallet. I went and got me some bowls. 8 big metal ones, two different sizes, enough that we can spare a few bowls or ‘extracurricular activities’  and not even miss them. If need be we can use one for stool and urine samples should the need arise. I am hoping that is not the case, but in this free-wheeling society you just never know.

If you are getting old and decrepit like myself, feel free to buy some of your own bowls. You may be surprised by their multi-use.

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