New Year’s By The Numbers…

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Family
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newyear     18,975 days ago, I was taken from the refuge of my mother’s womb, spanked on the bum, and wrapped in the first of many blankets this body would see. It was a Saturday, which might explain my affinity for that day. 1964 was a vastly different time than today. The Beatles had taken the world by storm. America was embroiled in the ‘conflict’ that was Vietnam. Lester B Pearson was Prime Minister of Canada at the time, and would later go on to be an airport. The Boston Strangler was about to get caught. And my favourite Mustang, the 1964 version, came out.

I have been fortunate enough to see 51 New Year’s since then….tonight being my 52nd. That’s 52 times the ball has dropped in Times Square in that time. The earth has gone around the sun 52 times. The moon has orbited the earth roughly 676 times in that period. Counting Leap Years, the earth has revolved 18, 983 or so times. My heart has beat roughly 2,459,800,00 (yes, billion) times, not counting various sports paying, times I was scared, or in the times I have been with Anne and I looked into her eyes.

We live on this marvelous ball of rock and dust and water and oxygen of mineral and vegetation, and most miraculously, life. We are unsure how much time there is left, the only thing we can be sure of is how much time we have been here. The future is full of the unknown, answers to questions not even thought of, conflict and triumph, pain and sorrow, relief and exultation. We are hoping for more of the latter, and less of the former, although we have so little control over either. And though New Year’s is in reality just another day, it holds for us the promise of renewal, salvation, and the hope that things will be better. It is encoded in our DNA to want things to ameliorate.

As the year 2015 wanes, and 2016 begins afresh, I wish nothing but the best for all. I want us all to prosper and live and enjoy the beauty that is our lives. I want us all to find solace and peace where and when we need it. I know that the cards are stacked against so many, however….play the cards as you are dealt, and win as many hands as you can.

Life is a gift. Live, love, laugh. Count the stars. Breathe. Hug your loved ones. Count your blessings. Be an excellent human being. Help you friends and neighbours. Love your family. And most of all, love yourself.

Enjoy your gift.

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