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Posted: May 17, 2013 in Community, Family
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Camp 2

Well….we’ve blogged about it, taken pictures of it, had countdowns on Facebook and the internet. We’ve lamented our missing it, dreamt about it, obsessed about it, and planned. We’ve cleaned it, built a new shed, put together a new fire pit, and pretty much flogged the subject to the point that others probably feel they’ve been there with us, and would like us to kindly shut up about it.

It is Friday. May 17, 2013….and tonight, 215 days after we put everything away, and closed the door on one season, we begin another season. Tonight, we CAMP!!

Without a doubt, this place of ours has saved us. In more ways than you can imagine. We have gone through my brother’s much-too-early passing, my cousin’s also much-to-early demise, and my wife’s brother having a life-threatening stroke. We’ve driven thousands of kilometers for countless physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions. We’ve worried about one mother with Alzheimer’s, another who has had practically everything in the medical encyclopedia. Our fathers have both reached the milestone of 80 years old. It has been a tumultuous off-season.

As my wife so keenly points out, this haven is one in a long line of self-made ones….places where we ensconce ourselves to repel the worries around us. Autism, both in my oldest son and my wife, has changed our lives…for the better, I might add. But the challanges and speed bumps can be a little much at times. Our family unit is stronger when we allow ourselves the time to heal together.

And so, to some it may seem that we are boasting. Believe me, we are not. We are revelling that we have a haven to retreat to, to lick our wounds, to rebuild, to renew, and to carry on afterwards. We wish that everyone could have their own Shangri-La.

This season, more than any other, our camp will serve as a means to focus our ensuing weeks of battle, and will ensure that we can carry on. We will be counting the days in between. The weekends will be the poles between our clothes line of life.

camp 1

Happy camping everyone! And be safe!

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