Mother’s Day – The True International Women’s Day

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Humour
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Women. Powerful women. Day to day, working in the trenches women. Women of class. Working women. Stay at home moms. Presidents, Prime-Ministers, Queens. Social workers, teachers, coffee slingers, television hosts, newspaper owners (looking for a raise here!), doctors, nurses, insurance adjusters, police officers, secretaries, office managers, singers. And millions of other occupations held by the half of our society that had been held back, but will not be held back!

It is unfortunate that we need to designate a day to celebrate the women in our lives who all make a difference. You will notice there is no ‘International Men’s Day’. No, that pretty much sums up the remaining 364 days of the year. Women only get one day to celebrate the true achievements they’ve accomplished, then they have to return to the grind of everyday living, often working 40-50 hours a week, cooking most of the meals, taking care of business, expected to do so much and receive so little acclaim.

I know so many ladies who exemplify what is right in society today. Women who work, socialize, mentor, are involved in the community, who shine. And each of these women, I’m sure, could come up with an example or two of when they felt they were given less opportunity than a male counterpart. As we all know, that is a shame. We have come a long way, to be sure, but have a long way to go before we can say that true equality exists.

At home, we try to exist as equals. We divide our duties, more along the lines of what we prefer to do than along ‘gender traditional’ roles. Don’t expect to see Anne cutting the grass or shingling the roof anytime soon, mind you, nor should you expect to see me dusting or looking sexy in a dress. These are things we both prefer to do ourselves. The rest of it is a mishmash of cooperation, delegation, and, often, manipulation. As a team, we run our home, and our lives. We are fortunate to have good jobs, great kids who are helpful, and excellent friends and family.

I look at all we do, and am awestruck at some women who manage this alone. I know some men do this alone too, but this isn’t about them, and, truth be known, you hear the term ‘single mother’ much more often than ‘single father’.

That’s why I devote this particular article to all you ladies who get up every day, get the kids taken care of, off to school, make the meals, work your job, get the family fed, in bed, and, if you’re lucky, have five minutes for yourself before sleep finally takes you through to yet another day. Kudos to you, whether by choice or by circumstance, who continue to make it happen. I wish nothing but the best for you, and respect you like no other.

As a society, we could do better to support our struggling single moms. At the very least, we should be showing them the respect they so truly deserve, and get involved wherever possible, wherever needed. If we were to provide the support that they need to elevate themselves to a level of comfort and lifestyle we all strive for, women from all walks of life could eventually achieve the equality they so richly deserve.

Happy International Women’s Day, and please consider honouring those struggling day to day by helping them out, giving them a hand up, and helping them realise their dreams.


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