Listen To Your Soul…..

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Community, Family
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universeWhen I was young, I imagined a future where my parents were growing older but were still healthy and engaged and involved. As I grew older, and so did they. this dream began to change. Our reality became the reality of so many others. And as our population ages and transitions to a desperate need for assisted living care, we have been working hard as a family to ensure that our parents receive the care they require.

We have been most fortunate to have excellent people in our lives, as well as fantastic care for our loved ones. And until this week, both Anne and I’s mothers were in long-term care, while my father lived with my sister Barb (for which I am most grateful) and Anne’s father lived on his own, both men being almost 84 years old.

As you all know, life can turn on a dime. This week has been a tumultuous one for our family. My father’s Dementia had progressed to the point where his safety was in question. And Anne’s father’s health had changed enough that living on his own had become non-sustainable. And for the last week we desperately searched for solutions and help.

We have always been big believers in paying it forward. And in Karma. And in the powers of the Universe. Some will say the power of prayer. Whatever you choose to believe in, we try to follow a life-path that is helpful not only to others but to our own souls. We don’t always hit the mark. But our intentions are there.

And so this week we put our lives in the hands of the Universe. These are the times where you realize just how small you are. How insignificant we all are, really. The cogs in the machine are large and numerous. We are at the mercy of fate and luck and circumstance.

We have been most fortunate to have good news for my father. It’s been hard to watch, mind you. My hero, the strong man in my life whom I worked with almost 30 years is now in a place he never wanted to be. But it’s where he NEEDS to be. We are hopeful that this transition goes well and leads to many more years of enjoying his company.

As for Anne’s father, we wait, but are also hopeful for a successful transition for him as well. Things are looking good. But you never know. So the Universe is whispering to us every night….trust me, it says.Believe that I will take care of your family. Let my light guide you and go with the plan. We are hopeful.

Sometimes, you just gotta believe…..

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