My Funny Valentine

Posted: February 12, 2017 in Humour, redhead
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val 9932 days ago, my life quite literally changed. I was having a party at my place. I was a dingle young man, surrounded by single young men, because we were all too chicken to invite girls to this party. I invited my cousin Brigitte to come over, not only because she was awesome, but I was also hopeful she would be able to entice other females to come over as well.

But I will back this up a little further. About 9976 days ago. I was at a school video dance with friends because we didn’t have much to do. And in a break. the screen cut to the Much Music van outside, and THAT’S when my life changed. Before me on the big screen was a gorgeous girl with red hair. I was transfixed. For whatever reason. throughout my life, I was attracted to redheads. I say this gingerly (pun intended) because I really don’t mean to talk about other girls when this blog is about the only girl that exists for me. Loving redheads is not the same as marrying and staying married to a redhead. It is a lifelong minefield filled with eggshells. It requires skill, guile, tenacity, understanding, fear, but mostly love. Also fear. Did I mention fear?

We flash back to 9932 days ago. My cousin convinced a friend to come to my party. The door opens as I am shotgunning a beer and in walks the redhead from the video dance. She tool 28 seconds to walk from the door to where I was. My heart beat 80 times during that time as it raced, including skipping 3 times. As I finished chugging the 12 ounces of beer, I am pretty sure I heard 1000 angels trumpetting overhead as the heavens opened and shone light upon this ange on earth.

It quite obviously wasn’t my forst beer of the night but I digress.

It didn’t take us long to gel, Anne and I, although to be honest that first night for her was nowhere near as magical as it was for me. I am a great believer in fate and Karma. I know Anne and I were meant to be. That doesn’t mean it was always easy. As we all know the best things in life require hard work and sacrifice, at least occasionally. But loving my Rouge has never been difficult. And together, whatever was difficult was made easier by leaning on each other.

So to all you couples out there, young and old…..keep on keeping on. Love your significant other with all your heart and soul.  Hopefully you get it in return. I sure did!

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