My Love By The Numbers 2016

Posted: May 29, 2016 in Humour
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anne  16,802 days. That is how many days it has taken Anne to get where she is now. IN that time she has travelled 43.24 trillion kilometers around our sun, which sits 149.59787 million kilometers away from us (on average).

Every day, she drives 42.4 kilometers to work in the morning, and 42.4 kilometers back home, plus the odd kilometer or two doing what she needs to do to do the fantastic job she does caring for teenagers on the spectrum, ministering to their needs and their crises, then coming home and dealing with her own and ours.

We met 10,057 days ago. I would like to say it was magical, but the first thing I said to my future love was I burped in her face. To be fair, I had just shot-gunned a beer, and that is hardly the time to introduce someone to another. But through the stellar connections we very obviously have together, that would not be our last burp together.

We have two children: Mackie is 6483 days old, and Alex, who is 8361 days old. They are the center of our Universe. Anne is the most excellent mom to these two boys. They are fortunate to have her, and they know it. But Anne always thanks them for choosing her to be their mother. This is so characteristic of amazing woman.

We have 4 dogs. And soon we will have our fifth. Until 3319 days ago, when we received Leroy, we really didn’t think we could have dogs. But 4 dogs in, we are completely certain that hypoallergenic is real. Our 5th dog coming will be an autism service dog that Anne will train herself to end up being hers. She has officially known she has autism for 1797 days, but has had it for 16, 802 days. The dogs help. But our new one, Miss Coco Chanel, will be the one that saves her. For those that understand anxiety and autism, you can appreciate just what this dog will do for Anne.

I can’t put a number down to how many people Anne has helped. They flock to her for words of encouragement, enlightenment, inspiration, and love. In doing so Anne gets these and many more back. I cannot say how many blessing I have counted for her courage and love and understanding and countenance she has provided for me dealing with every-day life, with the many struggles we have faced, for family squabbles and harsh treatment and reality, for facing our lives head-on and being there with the right words, and often, a simple hug that is not so simple.

All the grains of sand on all the beaches on all the planets in our Universe are not a number high enough to express my love and admiration and appreciation for all that she does for our family unit. But suffice it to say it is a very large number. She is quite literally my world. Do not put her down, or you are dead to me. Do not mess with her or you will not like the outcome. There is nothing I would not do for Anne because she has done it all for me.

I love you, Minoune. Happy birthday 2016

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