I. Am. Canadian!!!

Posted: June 30, 2015 in Humour

Bill's Musings

I….am Canadian. I like to say sorry. No, I LOVE to say sorry when I haven’t done anything wrong, and also like it when fellow Canadians reciprocate. I like the fact that on some days I can use the furnace and the air conditioning the same day. I like how we DON’T say ‘aboot’ instead of ‘about’, but still chuckle when Americans think we do (they’re so adorable). I like how I don’t have to ‘pack heat’ when going to the mall or the movies, and am ever hopeful that this remains so. I like spelling it ‘doughnut’ when I go to Tim’s (I also love Tim’s….so Canadian!). Being Canadian means religious freedom, political freedom, gender freedom (although there are still some bugs to work out, but we’re getting there)….There are a lot of issues that aren’t perfect, yes, for sure….but this morning, there was no Jihad to worry…

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