The gift of letting go.

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Humour
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Life often gives us opportunities to grow. It also tends to throw sticks into our spokes at times. Or a monkey-wrench into the works. Whichever metaphor you choose, there can be some trying times for all of u at one point or another. It’s how we deal with these moments that define us.

I know so many people at this very moment that are going through their own versions of hell on earth. People suffering unsettling bouts of cancer and leukemia, battling the long-term effects of stroke, aging, broken bones, bodies, and spirits. It comes with aging, I suppose. The longer we are here, the more likely we will either suffer setbacks or have loved ones, colleagues, neighbours, friends and relatives with issues that require your shoulder to lean on from time to time.

Family is essential at times like these to offer you that edge. If you are lucky enough to have family. There are certainly many out there who do not, who must rely on the kindness of friends or strangers, or simply on their own wherewithal to get them through. But if you have family, they could be just what you require to climb the proverbial mountain.

Personally, I have found family to be a bank account of sorts. You get out pretty much what you put in. Sometimes you even accrue interest. And let’s face it….I haven’t always been a good ‘saver’, sometimes we get caught up in our own things and lose track or sight of what is most important. I feel I have made my way back as best I can, at least given the circumstances we are in. There is only so much saving you can do when there is so much to spend our energy on.

We choose how we look at things in life. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to be miserable. We make these conscious or unconscious choices, and must live with them. We can always change our outlook, sometimes in a blink of the eye. But human nature is fickle. There are those of us that just cannot make the changes necessary for our family mental health. And that is too bad.

If you have access to family, and things aren’t so great (but could be) I implore you to open your own heart and give yourself the gift of letting go. You would be amazed at the power of the Universe when you choose to live with positivity. When you choose to let things go and choose to be happy. Making that choice doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you. It just means that generally more options open up for you.

I have a sibling going through some very trying times right now, but does not want to let things go. Inside it is killing me. But for the greater good of my own family and or those who have let go of the past and are here in the now and doing their best….we have to let them make their choices. I am unsure what the future holds for them, and likely will not have a hand in it anyways.

It’s unfortunate, mostly because it’s unnecessary. With all the choices already made for us by life, choosing family love and life should come first. Fill hat bank account….you never know when you will need to make a withdrawal.

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