The Christmas Chameleon Part Un

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Humour

Bill's Musings


Christmas decorations. Oh, how I love them. Especially when I don’t have to put them up. I think I’d rather have a fat, tattooed man corn-row my back hair than me have to put them up. Yep. I hate it that much. It’s an issue I’ve been dealing with since childhood. I will go to whatever lengths necessary to avoid hanging just one ornament. I don’t mind taking them out, mind you, but actually decorating, no way.

When I was a child, and the time came to take out the decorations from the attic, we would all gather round, my siblings and I, and help my folks turn our house from ordinary home to a veritable Santa’s Workshop. Or so my family thinks. I developed, early on, the ability to fade into the background, kind of like a Chameleon. While things got done, nobody noticed me, until, like a mini…

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