Merry Fake Christmas

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Humour

Something we do yearly now….you all should try it!

Bill's Musings


A mall in Kenya is attacked, and all of a sudden 70 are dead, scores more are injured, and hostages are taken. A series of blasts in Iraq kill well over 100 people, as if there hasn’t been enough of that already. A suicide bomber in Pakistan kills 72 more. Floods in Colorado have taken lives and changed lives forever. A bus-train collision in Ottawa takes 7 lives.

Closer to home, we are dealing with Alzheimer’s, a stroke, and aging parents with their own issues. Autism and society’s perception of this wades into the fray. We are all running around, working, driving, homeworking, bringing meals, fetching meds, soothing, and just trying to maintain our mental balance as the outer world and inner world of our bubbles are in disarray.

It could easily be a time to just sit and tune out of reality on weekends, to recover ourselves. But last…

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