We Must Remember!

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Humour


Every year at this time, our public focus is shifted somewhat so that we can remember those who have fallen or those who have served and sacrificed for us all. Remembrance Day, November 11th, at the 11th hour of the   11th day of the 11th month, we pause and remember.

As a child, Remembrance Day was a day off school. Sure, being in an Armed Forces family tuned me in perhaps more to the reason for the day more than some of my peers, but to be honest, it really did not sink in the way it should. Our great country had not been to war in quite some time, and many of our veterans were still here and doing relatively okay. Or so we thought.

Now, in 2014, we have so much more to think about. We have been to Afghanistan, we have lost lives, have participated against the threat of ISIS. We have lost two innocent lives recently, men who were cut down simply because they served their country. These are all things that need to be remembered, surely.

That said, why does it take recent happenings like these to re-focus us all to celebrate Remembrance Day? Of course, I know that human nature plays a part in all this. ‘Lest We Forget’ is a moto that we sometimes do forget. As civilians living in a relatively peaceful country, we tend to be apathetic about these things until something happens. Not everyone, mind you, but as a whole….it is disconcerting.

I know people suffering from PTSD. Great friends. I have heard some of their stories. I am in shock at what our soldiers have had to endure in the name of ours and other’s freedom. And yes, so many other millions have endured more, worldwide. It’s crazy what mankind does to itself. Radical ideologies, financial greed, avarice, genocide, insanity….all causes of war. All unnecessary.

Lost in all this remembrance are those who have served and not gone to war. They have chosen a career path that allowed them to serve their country. Some have fallen in training, or accidents. Or any number of reasons. They have suffered and sacrificed in the name or us. These people also need to be remembered. From the lowest rank to the highest pinnacle, it’s more than a job, a career….for the most part, it’s a genuine love of our country. How can we not honour that?

My father is a veteran. He is now 81, and still immensely proud of his service. He gets teary-eyed at the sight of our flag and at hearing our national anthem. And while I wish here were no reasons to go to war, I am cognizant that there is now and likely always will be reasons to do so. And as a civilian, I will always support our country, our soldiers, and our philosophies of peace and love and endurance. We are indeed lucky to be able to walk about without dodging bullets, without worrying like so many other countries must endure as they hope and pray for peace and harmony.

Canada, I am proud to be a citizen of your country. I am proud of what we stand for. I am proud of the sacrifices made in our name, and I will not forget!! So, when that moment arrives on November 11th, remember not only those who have fallen in the past, remember those present and future sacrifices for us that we sometimes take for granted.

It is the very least we can do. Support our troops….support our veterans. Please.

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