That’s All, Folks!

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Community, Family



pig 1645 days ago, I submitted my first column here for the Tribune. Suzanne Gammon, our editor, is also my neighbour. We got to talking one day, and she mentioned that she had heard that I used to write for the Tribune back in the late 80’s. I said that this was true, that I did it for a couple of years, and missed it. She wondered if I’d consider picking up the pen to try once again. After mulling it over a little bit, I said I’d give it a shot.

1645 days…. 4.5 years…. 54 months…. 234 weeks. I missed a few of those weeks, not many, and re-published a few articles when I had nothing. But overall, I managed to write just over 200 articles/columns. Suzanne took a chance on me, and I truly appreciate it. But after much consideration, I am going to stand back and not write for a while, maybe for quite a while. Life is busy for everyone, and indeed, it is for me at the moment.

I get a lot of feedback from these columns. 99% of it positive, or at least polite, which for me is a compliment. Every time I’d start running dry on ideas, someone would come to me and say they liked reading the weekly musings. It would propel me, feed the need, and out would come another memory to share, or something would happen to me that I thought was funny and needed to be put out there. It was rarely serious stuff, although occasionally I’d sneak a serious column in to make a point.

For these 4-plus years you’ve heard about my travels, my troubles with velour, my almost lethal spanx debacle, You’ve heard about the arctic, various jobs I’ve done, and some of my rants. You’ve been witness to my constant battle with technology. You have also heard of our struggle with autism, and I thank you for providing the platform to vent. You’ve helped me deal with deaths in the family, in particular my brother Bob, whom I miss dearly.

Overall, I tried to poke fun mostly at myself, trying not to offend anyone in particular. In that I hope I succeeded. But that is getting tougher each day as I grow older and things happen in the public that defy logic or explanation. There are so many tempting things to comment on…..but not in this column. Yes, I have opinions like everyone else. But this was not the place to share them.

As I write these final words, I would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to talk to me and provide the feedback that was needed to continue. Nobody writes for nothing. If you write, or sing, or dance, or any number of other things we consider arts and entertainment, an audience is the most vital paper to print on. It has been my pay, my remuneration, my drive. Without it I would have stopped 4 years ago. Thank you so much for reading me. Thank you so much for supporting my family and me through times that were difficult, but mostly fun.

And as I walk away, wearing orange velour pants (with spanx underneath, of course), into the sunset of Bill’s Musings, and look back on the last 4 years….and can’t help but feel a bit emotional. I think I’ll have some Oreos to calm me down. Now if only I could get this damned package open…..

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