As the sun sets on yet another wonderful season of camping, it is a difficult task to tear my mind away from all that has transpired in our lives in the last 14 months. In fact it’s this time that pauses our lives for but a second, a breathe, and focuses our eyes inward. Canadian Thanksgiving is uniquely placed at a time when all this is true. Our lives for the most part pause just enough to realize that not only are our physical lives about to change and morph into yet another season of ice and snow, where the land slumbers for months, but is also a melancholic mish mash of thoughts and ideas, of memories of family and friends, of what was, and what will be.

Our bodies and minds are slowly aging, following the progress of our planet as it slowly makes its revolution around and around the sun, every year seemingly shorter than the last. Those around us age as well, and are proof that we are not alone in this passage. We are helpless to prevent or slow this process….but we can enjoy it. The opportunities for the human experience are boundless, limited by our imagination and financial well-being.

Everyone faces this time differently. Some reflect, others don’t. Many celebrate the harvest. More still celebrate the change of season, and prepare their minds for transition, to enjoy our winter wonderland. More still cocoon themselves, awaiting the land to reawaken and for their blood to flow quicker and more free. We are human, and life goes on, albeit differently for everyone. And it is these differences that make us very unique. We can celebrate this.

I am filled with melancholy, hope, sadness, glory, happiness, and a million other emotions. My hope is always that, when our land is once again enjoying springtime, that my loved ones are also here to enjoy it with me, with us.  It’s all we can do, really. There are so many things out of our control. Hope, however, is one emotion we can keep for ourselves, to ourselves, to share if we wish, to radiate when we want, and to use as a tool for our own mental health.

Here’s to another trip around the sun. Here’s to hope and dreams. May we all find peace and joy and love where we live, and share it whenever possible.

  1. This has got to be one of the best blogs that you have ever written … I would marry you …. xo

  2. Marguerite Chaput says:

    Loved your reflections on ending one episode of life and starting a new unknown one, just like the change of seasons. 😊 The hardest and sometimes the saddest thing to do is to adapt to changes.

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