Posted: October 8, 2013 in Humour

Bill's Musings



On a recent trip to Toronto, which saw us attend a conference on Autism, we were fortunate enough to stay three nights at the Royal York. My wife, Alex, and I lived in the lap of luxury for some time, rubbing elbows with Rockefellers and the Vanderbilt’s (who ran the concession stands in the lobby), and had crème brulé with all the hoity-toity people.

We are a family who have traveled extensively, and in doing so, have learned to adapt quite well to our situations. My wife has a gluten-intolerance, which can make dining a risky proposition, but luckily, we were in a place that was fully aware of this, and catered to her dietary needs. Whatever you didn’t have, they had it, or could get it.

There is something, however, which crops up each time we go out of town. You see, my wife, being a woman, shops…

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