Let’s Get Physical!

Posted: September 28, 2013 in Humour

Bill's Musings


While sitting in Muskoka chairs by the Athabasca River last summer, and listening to nature do its business, I naturally had a lot of time to think. Time for me is normally compartmentalized in chunks, as in my line of work you run around putting out fires, so to speak, and if I take too much of a look at the big picture, it gets a little overwhelming.

Of course, with time to think come memories of days gone by, and for me, they are often embarrassing memories…. character building situations, to be sure, but embarrassing nonetheless. There was a plethora of things to think about, but for some reason, one memory stuck out, and I relayed it to my son Mackie whom I fear is scarred by the very thought of what I’m about to tell you now.

I was a wee slip of a lad, the age of…

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