Here We Go …..

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Humour

My wife’s ‘My Aspie Files’, which offer an insight to Asperger’s from an adult’s perspective

My Aspie Files - My Life on the Spectrum

The countdown is on.  In less than twenty four hours, I will be headed back to school, to do what I think I do best : teach.  What a ride it’s been.  More than 5 months ago, at the drop of a dime, I put my career and Life on hold .  The things that mattered most before that moment were put on the back burner.  Lost their immediate importance.  Became trivial –  almost.  When it became about Life or Death, it was plain to see what choice reigned in my Head … and entertaining the idea of pursuing my career almost seemed impossible.  Little did I realize at that Time that I was about to embark on Life’s greatest adventures and that the Life lessons learned would follow me forever, everywhere. 

The Lessons sent by the Universe were grand.  That Love conquers Fear.  That there is always hope…

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