Dr. Bill

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Humour

Bill's Musings

Dr Bill

It occured to me that a thriving business today is in the giving of advice. Dr. Phil is doing it. Ann Landers did it for years. Lucy was getting paid 5 cents a shot to tell Charlie Brown what to do. I figured that if these ‘hacks’ can do it, then why couldn’t I? I’m as smart as the next guy. I could have my own advice column….’ Bill’s Thoughts About Your Problems’, or maybe ’Mr. Know-It-All’….wait, maybe not that one. How about ‘Willy Cares!’. That sounds nice.

With today’s internet capabilities, it would be easy to get your troubles to me. A little e-mail, an instant message, a private ‘inbox’ on Facebook….then let the doctor do his duty! Of course, conventional mail is also acceptable, but it’s so slow, your problem will likely be rectified by the time I get to it. So let’s do this electronically. It really…

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