My love….by the numbers…..

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Humour
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16,071 days ago, a little girl was born. She had red hair, was cute as a button, and had a big smile (although not right away, of course). This little girl was named Anne Danielle, and would prove to be the apple of her father’s eye.

13,784 days ago, this little girl made her way to school, where her mother was a teacher. Her brother was 1358 days older than she, and was every bit the big brother. When this little girl entered the school, she was blissfully unaware that one day, she too would become an educator. But that wouldn’t happen for another 7,305 days, so there was still a lot of time.

13,520 days ago (approximately), this little girl discovered the piano. She had a particular affinity for this instrument, which would become very ‘instrumental’ in her future (if you’ll pardon the pun). She played and played for several thousand days, all in the hopes of becoming a better pianist. IN this, she surely succeeded.

Flashing forward, 8,587 days ago, our little girl had turned into a young lady, and walked into my life. It was purely accidental, of course. She appeared at a time she was not supposed to, at a party, something she rarely attended. And yet, as a young lady of only 6.754 days old, she managed to capture the heart of someone who was 2,323 days older than her.

We went out, her and I, became a couple, and 1,325 days later, we married. It was an awesome 1,325 days. It had its difficulties….she had to go to school in Ottawa, and over the course of her education, away, I took the opportunity to visit her as often as I could. We had a long-distance romance that has gone the distance.

Only 6,900 days ago, our first, Alex, came into our lives, followed by Mackie a mere 1,878 days later. These two children have filled our lives with love, laughter, and plenty to cheer about. Along the way, we have picked up three wayward shih-tzus, each about 1,826 days old or so, which had made our family complete.

Your father, Fern at 28,874 days old, and mother Gisele at 26,408 days old, are as proud of you as can be. My parents, Roger at 28,932 and Carmen at 27,498 days old, are also very proud of you, and know that you have been about the best partner their 17,664 day-old son could have.

I know you didn’t want me to write about your birthday. But, since this is one of the things I most like to do, write…..I wanted to combine it writing about my favorite person, my best friend, my love……so let’s spend another 18,263 days (or, God willing, more than that) together. Laughing, loving, and poking fun at each other.

Happy 16,071 birth DAY, Anne St Louis Gingras…..and many mooooooooooorrrrre!!

  1. Gisele Small says:

    Bill, can’t thing of a nicer tribute to Anne on her birthday.

  2. yourothermotherhere says:

    How sweet. See what you can do when you don’t follow directions?

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