Rest in Peace, Tim Bosma

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Humour
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Having followed the events over the past week and a bit with regards to the disappearance of Tim Bosma, the Hamilton man who went missing when he took two men out to test-drive the truck he had for sale, we were all tremendously saddened to hear that his body had been found, burned in a field.

For his poor wife and daughter, for his family and friends, the word ‘grief’ doesn’t even come close to describing what they must be feeling. Shock, horror, dispirited, hope removed….all these and more are emotions which better describe their situation.

How can we fathom why someone would go and do such a nefarious act, all in order to steal a truck? There is no amount of justice which could assuage his family. They are now without a father, a husband, and a friend. All for a truck. For an object which I am sure they would gladly have given away ten times over to have Tim back safe and sound.

I did not know Mr. Bosma, but I know so many people who are like him. Innocent souls, harmless human beings who go through their daily lives, walking softly, not hurting others. That is where this hurts the most….that an innocent human being can be so callously thrown away to steal a vehicle. It made this whole event feel so personal, and of course tragic. I looked at my own children, my wife, and myself, and realized that this could easily happen to us.

For me, this is awful. To not be able to trust one another and do something as trivial as exchange goods for money. To have to tell my children not to trust someone who shows up at your door to buy something you’ve advertised for sale. Hell, I may as well tell them never to sell anything to anyone again…throw it away or leave it at the side of the road with a sign saying ‘free’ on it.

Hopefully, this will be an extremely isolated event, and we can all learn to trust one another again. I have hope in humanity that this will come to pass. And I especially hope that the bastards that perpetrated this heinous crime pay to full extent of the law (such as it is in Canada), so that they never harm another innocent human being again.

My regards and sympathies go out to the Bosma family, their friends, their relatives, and their community. Now is a time for truth, a time for them to heal, and a time for their community to step up and take care of them.

R.I.P Tim Bosma….I didn’t know you, but I sure wish I could have.

  1. Very well said….people need to look within themselves rather than outside sources to satisfy/content their empty souls…there is no need to take someone else’s life away because there is such a void in your own…it is indeed better to do without rather than disadvantage other innocent beings of their own quality of life…

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