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Posted: April 2, 2017 in Community, Family
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blue      April is Autism Awareness Month. Today is World Autism Day. You would have to have been living on Mars not to be aware at last somewhat about autism. And yet those who have it and their families and loved oes struggle in this world….struggle to fit in, to find a place of their own, to navigate a society really not yet ready to take them on fully.

But things are improving. Slowly but surely there are services becoming available. People are trying to understand. The education field is doing what it can to integrate and celebrate and help out our special population.

As a husband of someone on the spectru, as well as a father of someone on the spectrum, it is often difficult to watch my son and wife have to go through what they do….day in and day out. They live 24/7 Autism. At least I get breaks. But I worry constantly about them when I am not with them, and worry aout them when we are together. Their stress is my stress. I cannot say I totally get them, because unless you have autism, there is really no way to do so. But I do my best. If I don;t get the moment, then I try to at least help the moment.

I guess what it comes down to is ‘unconditional love’. It’s that simple. I know families that have blown apart because they just weren’t strong enough to undertake autism. I am not judging. We have been fortunate enough yo remain solid and love each other and help each other. I know families with 3 children with autism. When I see them standing together I am in awe at their resilience and tenacity. Obviously they are cut from ine cloth.

This community we live in has been awesome for my family. Many people have helped and understood and supported. As we progress along the span of time, and more and more cases of autism manifest our population, our role as a family has continuously morphed from ‘coping’ to ‘helping and coping’. Note that coping remains. That’s because autism and those with it never get out of it. They learn to cope. For some reason there is a hidden belief that when people turn 18, they become neutotypical and no longer require support.


And so my friends….Autism Awareness Month is here to stay. And another thing…..we truly appreciate the efforts on our behalf, on the behalf of all those who have autism. We cope because you care. Thank you so much


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