Never underestimate the power of a fart!

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Humour

Bill's Musings

flood3  I have written before about serendipitous occurrences, both in my life and in the life of others, that were either life-changing or at the very least superbly ironic.

Well, gather round, friends and neighbours. Pull up a stool, a lawn chair, a stump, an old milk crate, whatever you’ve got handy. Sit here, crack open a beer or a pop, relax, and let me tell you a story that is both horrifying and breathtaking in its breadth. It is also a cautionary tale, how we should not take things for granted, and at the same time, be more aware of our surroundings.

Let me tell you how a fart prevented a flood.

Yes, you read it correctly. I know it seems unlikely that this is possible. I know that farts can be powerful things. As a male, we grow up using these gaseous episodes as weapons, honing our…

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