The Bowl

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Humour

bowlAs a child, with 4 siblings no less, I had to be quick in order to be on top of things. It was quite a while before we lived in a place that had more than one bathroom, so I had to compete to pee, and taking a bath was like being a duck on display at a zoo. Being the baby, I got the hand me downs of the hand me downs, which was unfortunate because the sibling before me was my sister Barb (although I must be honest by saying I looked better than she did in her stockings, and her velour dress….oy!)

In many ways it was my first foray into the ‘Darwinian Process’ that is life. ‘Only the strong will survive!’ I thought when reaching for the last pork chop, which as often as not got a fork stuck in my hand f or my trouble. Chips had to be guarded by Rottweilers, and if you happened to have a secret stash, you soon discovered that in a family of 7……there really are no secrets.

We had quite the eclectic collection of dishes as we moved around so much, and the dish with the most variety of choice were our bowls. For some reason, we couldn’t have a full set of matching bowls. When we all sat down for pea soup, it looked like a United Nations meeting…..every bowl was different. There were glass bowls, ceramic bowls, pyrex bowls, and plastic bowls. But there was one bowl (pictured above) that we all vied for….the red one. It was just a bit bigger than the other bowls (although by today’s standards it’s kind of smll), which usually meant you got more. At one time we had several of these bowls, but true to form, we kept losing one or two each move, until there was but one left.

Saturday nights, when we watched hockey, it was also the night where we were allowed chips. So getting the red bowl was the ultimate ‘got ya’ moment. I didn’t get to use the bowl often as the pecking order by this time was firmly established, however from time to time, I won out and got to use it.

For some reason, after all the moves, graduations, milestones, marriages, and re settling, I ended up with the bowl. For years it languished in my collection as I was a bachelor. This bowl has held pretty much everything a bowl can: coins, soup, snacks of all kinds, ice cream, beer (another story), fabric softener (also another story), and on one memorable occasion, condoms (not a story for here).

The significance of this bowl was lost on me for a while, and it wasn’t until I was married and we were having a rare family reunion that I used this bowl. You could hear a pin drop as I had it on my lap, filled with peanuts. As I went to scoop a handful of them, and I looked up, the laser-like looks I was receiving cut through my brain fog and focused me to the situation. I had the bowl. And I wasn’t letting go of it.

Truth be told, I have been looking for other ones since to give to my siblings as a gift, so if anyone recognizes the bowl in the picture, and knows where I can get my hand on more of them, would you kindly send me a message? I know it’s silly….it’s one of those personal family idiosyncrasies that mean something only to those that get it. But please……let me know!

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