The Banana Split

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Humour

Bill's Musings


In life, most of us reach a point where we crave our independence. It’s a time when we grow enough backbone to stand up for ourselves and announce that we will be responsible for what we are and who we are. At first, our legs may be wobbly, and our resolve shaky, but eventually… it can come to pass. Of course, this is a time that varies for each and all of us. Some reach their independence at a much earlier time than others. Life is not a race, after all, it’s a marathon.

I say all this to set up the story of my first real independence, the time I screamed out ‘ENOUGH!’. I was 16 years old, was in Winnipeg in a high school with 1,200 other students, and I wanted to expose my individuality. I wanted not to be a number, but a person recognised as original…

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