Pumbaa Does Zumba

Posted: March 22, 2015 in Humour

Bill's Musings


Falling under the category of ‘Pride goes before a fall’, this week’s subject will surely ignite some debate between the sexes. I, William Q. Gingras (esquire), once joined Zumba.

Hearing the collective ‘gasp’ of the masses, allow me to explain. It was three years ago…

I love to dance. Sorry, but I just have to say that. I am a closet dancer, although, I must confess, I have never possessed a closet large enough to really dance in. Rare is the day where I don’t do some dancing in the kitchen, the living room, even the bathroom.

Having said this, what, you ask yourselves, does this have to do with my joining Zumba? Well, for those who are unaware of this, Zumba is an aerobic exercise routine inspired by Latin dance. It is infectious, fun, difficult at times, and great for the body and mind. It allows…

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