The Doghouse

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Humour

Bill's Musings


Today, I would like to speak about something most men can relate to: the doghouse.
I say ‘men’ because it appears to me that when someone says that they are in the doghouse, it most often is a man, he being in trouble with a she. Now, I am not sexist, truly, but as a man who has had my share of ‘moments’ that have led me to be in trouble with my better half, I can attest to the notion that there is a definite divide in the sexes when it comes to this topic.
Have you seen the Kia commercial on television, the one where the man is trying out all the buttons, knobs, and doodads in his car, oblivious to the fact that his wife/girlfriend/mistress is sitting next to him looking quite upset with him? The next scene sees him in the passenger seat as she takes…

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