51?!? Harumph!

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Humour
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harumph     Well. It was bound to happen. All the signs were there. The stars were aligning, the planets were just so, the coyotes across the road were howling at night….all harbingers of something that many people go through, but I had not as of yet experiences.

My 51st birthday had arrived.

Last year, I had lived in fear of my 50th birthday. It was a milestone I just wasn’t looking forward to. For some reason, since childhood the 50th birthday celebration meant senility was not far behind. Back then, men who were 50 already had children almost 40 years old, and were themselves being measured for caskets ‘just in case’.

My parents had five children, me being the youngest, and my dad was 31 when I was born. My grandfather had 18 kids, and was 59 when he passed away. I had my first kid when I was 29. Oh, how the times have changed! Of course, people had more children back then, but they didn’t have to contend with PVR’s, Smart Phones, and SIRI. They needed the kids to help around the house and farms (my grandpa would cuff me in the head if he heard me say that). And in my parent’s case, only three channels meant more babies. Do the math…..we have like 3 million channels now, so we just don’t have the time for more kids.

Although I haven’t turned to prune juice (not yet), my previous blog did allude to the fact that my body is already rebelling against me somewhat. My ears now have ore hair than my head. My back has turned into a Persian rug. Things are sagging that shouldn’t, as if gravity had been ignoring me all these years and just noticed that I needed some prompt attention. I now fart just tying my shoes.

Or is all this TMI?

And so I begin my 52nd year. Some would say ‘good for you! You made it!’ And they are right. I am lucky o still be here to enjoy life. We have decided to return to Jasper, Alberta this year, once more making the pilgrimage to our home away from home. I am looking forward to Spring and Summer, to cutting the grass on my John Deere. I am hoping and praying that my parents and Anne’s parents have good health. I hope my kids have great scholastic years. And in between all that….stuff will happen. Some good. Some bad, some great.

I think I’m ready….bring it on!

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