Posted: January 4, 2015 in Humour

imageWhen life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade. It’s an axiom we have lived with for a long time in my family. Autism, Aspergers, Alzheimers, strokes, and heartaches  aside, life can be pretty amazing.

It’s the transitions that are the most challenging to me. Sometimes they are good tramsitions, like starting something new, changing grades or schools, preparing for a vacation, and a million other things. And of course, there are some bad, often nasty transitions, which can test our metle. Either way, they prevent our lives from being pure vanilla.

Our loved ones’ health is a transition which is often a roller coaster of emptions and events.  It’s times like these that show us so much.

I don’t want to be morbd or downcast here. Quite the contrary. The gift of our lives, and the creation and maintenance of relationships is a beautiful, scary thing. There are so many layers that we all appear to be onions mingling in the stew of life. It’s not as romantic as the lemonade thing, granted, but to me more accurate.

The intracacies of life often demand of us to be tougher than we thought we can be. Bridges burnt in our past must often be rebuilt despite pur prides and egos, all in order to navigate a present we  hoped would never come,

We are all on different paths for different reasons with different people, but on the same planet. Our transitions are different only in their timing and complexity, but we all have them. Having others to share and bear our burdens is the true gift we receive, reaped with the sowing of goodwill and gestures from our past. It’s not something that grows overnight. We nurture and water and even weed our life gardens….it takes time to realize this. I have been blessed of late to receive some of this bounty. And for that I rejoice….

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