Close Shave

Posted: November 27, 2014 in Humour

Bill's Musings


There are times where I really shouldn’t be watching television. Times when I’m more susceptible to infomercials. Like when I’m a little tired or emotional. These are times when the remote should not be thrust into my hands.

     Last week, I was pooped from some work we were doing, and one of my dogs seemed sad. I’m not sure exactly how I determined his sadness, it just appeared he wasn’t alright about something, and he was just down in the dumps. Maybe he was missing his mom or something. So I was tired, my dog was depressed, so we had a little bit of chair time together. Nothing wrong with that. Leaning on each other’s shoulders. I’m not sure a Shih-tzu has shoulders, but if they do, I was leaning on them.

     As we consoled each other, there was an infomercial on, and the remote was out of…

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