Live on location

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Humour

Bill's Musings


I have always been a fan of the term ‘live on location’. There seems to be a little more drama, a little more excitement, even a little more panache. When shows are done live on location, anything goes.

That said, I have decided to type this week’s article ‘live on location’. I am currently writing this ‘live from my bathtub’. Cover your eyes, people. I have used plenty of bubble bath, mind you, but still, being modest, I feel I should warn you that if you see me starting to stand up to get the shampoo, please try averting your eyes by looking at the various ads on this page until I sit back down, nicely tucked into the bubble castle I’ve been building.

This is so exciting. I have my tunes, my aromatherapy candles, my phone, my cell phone, and of course, my handy-dandy laptop. It’s kind of awkward…

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