We, as in ‘we?’

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Humour

Bill's Musings


This week, I present you with a two-letter word, one which is used with a fair amount of regularity. It’s a word which, when used, has a meaning which cannot be confused for anything else than what it means. It’s a word that, when employed in a sentence, changes a situation from a singularity to a multiple-meaning, can denote group effort, and can bring people together in camaraderie and friendship.

Now, before I say this now famous word, allow me to give you a little bit of the back story which led to the use of this word, that which got me in trouble. While I was working the other day, Anne decided that she would take on cleaning the oven. It’s actually a double-oven, so twice the fun…right? When we remodelled our kitchen, a double oven became a must, because Anne is gluten-free, and needs to bake several things…

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