Through the eyes of the innocent….

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Community, Family



Our oldest son Alex has autism. I say this first because, although it does not define who he is, it   certainly explains many of the quirky things he does. He has autism.


Having Alex as our son is one of the biggest blessings we’ve ever experienced, my wife and I. Because of him, we are better people. Because of him, we think more….of others, of those who need help, of those whose hearts are tender and easily trampled. Because of Alex, our world is so much more full.


     And every once in a while, he surprises us. Those of you who know autism also know how impersonal it often can be. However, it’s something Alex truly works at. He is an old soul. He’s old fashioned. He is decent, honest, forthright, and so innocent. And when he surprises us, he knocks it out of the ballpark.


Tonight, he shared with me a poem he wrote for his class in college, where he plans to share it with them along with a slideshow of pictures he takes while walking the trails of this most beautiful of campuses. He sent it me, although normally he does not share these things with us. Here it is:


  • Winter: A Poem by Alex Gingras


I walk outside on one winter’s day, There is snow everywhere my eyes see. The sun shines down on the snow And it twinkles as though diamonds had fallen.


I walk through the woods And I see more snow. Most of it is really deep And it goes all the way to my knees.


I encounter an old shack in the middle of the woods. I ask myself, “Who lived here?” “How did it hold its strength through time?” The shack symbolizes the timelessness of the woods.


As I continued forward, I see a chipmunk Running through the trees. He clicks his mouth and I too do the same. It is as though we are talking to each other.


This fine winter’s day Makes me also appreciate the other seasons of the year. When the snow melts, It will transform into a magnificent spring.


For me, this is a work of heart.


  1. Linda Lafantaisie says:

    Wow that’s awesome. Way to go Alex

  2. Paulyne Charron says:

    Your words paint a picture for all of us to see. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of winter as seen by you Alex

  3. Wow really magnificant ,makes you think at life in perspective ,thanks Alex

  4. I really enjoyed reading your poem. Thanks for sharing so we too can see the beauty of winter through your eyes. Bravo Alex. You’re a very talented young man!

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