Fu*k Cancer!

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Community, Family


I was trying to think of something funny to write about this week, but I just couldn’t. Last week I lamented the fact that I was turning 50, and how long I had been dreading this. But as is almost always the case, perspective can sometimes turn around and whack you in the head.

For those of us who knew Ray Hacquard, we are struggling to come to terms with his passing. 45 years young, Ray has been battling cancer for more years than anyone really should ever have to. But this guy never let it get him down. His zest for life and passion for all that is snowmobiling, not to mention his love for family and friends (his close friends say that Ray didn’t HAVE friends….everyone to him was family), made Ray an enigma.

If you don’t remember Ray, locals may recall he was the man who opened the Pizza Hut here in Sturgeon Falls. Wherever Ray hung his hat, it became his home. He was loved by all in the time he was here, and those who worked with Ray can undoubtedly attest to his awesome spirit . My mother Carmen and he had a great relationship, joking with each other.

Since Ray left Sturgeon Falls to follow his career, he always stayed in touch just the same. I’m sure the same can be said wherever he went. That’s how he rolled. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to share in his triumphs and his stumbles. We were able to share in his lust for sledding, and collectively wished he could get on his snowmobile again.

I have never known a person with so much will to live. He looked cancer in the eye and stared it down. It took so long for it to take him down. He was, in my eyes, the consummate prize fighter, slugging it out with an opponent we all fear, inspiring us, allowing us into his life, absorbing as much good will as we could give him.

I was only kind of joking when I said I was dreading turning 50. But I am ashamed of this nonetheless. Ray undoubtedly would have given anything to see 50. Never again will I take for granted turning any age, and so, in his own way, Ray has at least taught this guy something worth learning.

Ray Hacquard…rest in peace my friend, and may you continue to sled away wherever you are.

  1. Very well said Bill ,he was determined to fight this dreaful disease R.I.P. my friend

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