She Had Balls!!

Posted: December 31, 2013 in Family, Humour
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For the last couple of years, I played with your balls. You never complained, no matter how hard or softly I struck them. I would brush you, oil you, and then slide my stick across you with the greatest of ease.

At times, I’d play with you alone. Other times I’d share you with another partner. You never let me down, you always satisfied. You always took your cue, and sometimes we’d make a run until there was nothing left.

Tonight I sold you off. You are the only one I have ever had, and likely I’ll never have another. Four guys showed up, paid me, and threw you in the back of the truck….they were going to drink tonight and have their way with you. You didn’t seem to mind. I’ve been neglecting you lately, barely touching you….I understand why you’d want another player in your life.

Goodbye, pool table. You were awesome. But there’s just no more room for you. We’re moving soon. Treat your new owners kindly, and they’ll do to you what I always knew you liked. Let them stroke your balls. Let them win. It’s a new lease on life for you.

Be well.

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