The Nature Of Things

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Humour

Bill's Musings



Mother Nature can move us to tears by her sheer beauty. What with the advent of satellite television, and the enormity of channel selection, nature shows are enjoying quite the resurgence in popularity. The clarity of picture and the pureness of sound allow us all to experience views of nature we otherwise would never have the opportunity for.

That said, I do find some of the animal kingdom’s quirks to be a little bizarre. I know that we Homo-Sapiens hold the record for defying logic in all quarters, killing each other off, polluting, overpopulating, building funny-looking houses, and generally doing our best to destroy all that is good. But some of the stuff our animal cousins are doing is downright kooky.

Take the loveable duck. Everyone loves ducks. They sound funny, they walk funny, they look funny in sailor suits. They fly well. Yet, one thing about them bothers…

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