For the last three months, we looked at each other each day. When I walked by, I’d sneak a peek, and inwardly grin. Her long tresses shone brightly, were white, and majestic. She had been dressed as if for a party for quite some time, but for the last month or so, she’s just been naked, unmoving, seemingly unaware of my presence, clearly disdaining my every glance. It only took three months for me to get tired of her, to rally the courage to tell her to get out of my house. I wanted my space back.

It was time for our Christmas tree to come down.

When we got Stella (I call her Stella), it was a real treat. She is a green tree with simulated snow on her branches. She is, beyond a doubt, the nicest tree we’ve ever owned. And, after my wife did such a great job of decorating Stella, we decided to leave her up a little longer than usual. Well, January went by so fast, that by the end of January, ol’ Stella was still standing, there, as majestic as ever. Her decorations were all packed away, of course, and she was no longer lit at night. Yet none of us had the courage to put her in a box, just yet.

The problem is, or was, that she stood in a place that made it hard to open our blinds. It was a daily struggle to get by her and pull the chain that ultimately  would allow sunlight to flood into our front room. And, as the days grew longer, and we craved that sunlight, much like we crave oranges or most fruit as winter refuses to let us go from its clutches.

Normally, I abhor taking down any Christmas decorations. Or, putting them up, for that matter. I like looking at them, of course. But, this day, when I came home, it was 4 pm. The sun was shining, and Stella was standing there, trying her best to keep light in. I approached her, willing myself to suck it up and take her down. As I stared at her, I felt my energy slowly be sucked from me. It was as if a vampire had me in its stare, and we ever so slowly inching towards my neck, closer and closer, about to bite…..

I shook my head. It was 4:30. Where had the time gone? I rushed into the garage and grabbed the box Stella came in. This was it! I had to take her down, or else, who knows? I’d wake up one morning as a vampire Christmas tree or something, wanting people to string lights on me, or put their ornaments on my branches, or gather around me and sing Christmas Carols.

Well, down came Stella. After it was all said and done, and the area all vacuumed and dusted, and the ebbing light of the day still streaming into our house through the now-uncluttered front room, I did feel better. There’s only one problem. Stella came in one box, but she left in two. I’d like to know how these people ever got her in one box to begin with. She’s in the storage room with all the other decorations, where she’ll stay until next December, to come out one more time and mesmerise our family one more time.

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