Luc   (Luc, talking to one of his best friends, in a place we never imagined possible)

At 66 days, I wrote how my brother-in-law returned home for the first time after suffering a stroke. This is kind of true. He returned in actuality to his father’s home, which at the time seemed the best fit given his condition. Luc’s stroke was one of the worst kind of strokes you can have, and he has shown an incredible resilience and tenacity that by now comes as no surprise to us.

62 days later, Luc has now done something we actually never thought possible: he spent the night at his own home. When I say that we didn’t think he would, you have to understand that the main reason we thought this was that his house is not really one designed for any kind of handicap. No matter which way you enter the home, you need to do stairs, either up or down, and given his mobility challenges, we were all thinking otherwise.

And so, this is where he proved us all wrong….again. He was bound and determined to get back to his love, his home, the place that was his refuge, his castle, his mind garden. Luc has shown us that the power of the mind and spirit can overcome so many obstacles that are very tangible. A man who before would never accept help of any kind has gone against his own grain, and taken the help he needed to make this journey to the top of his particular mountain. And we have been blessed to bear witness.

It is also important to acknowledge the incredible people who have guided Luc to this point. The health care providers, the day-to-day therapists, his friends, and his family. All his well-wishers, and all the positive energy sent his way. For this, we are very grateful and ever so humbled.

Personally, I have to say I am completely amazed and in awe at my amazing wife, Luc’s sister Anne, who has gone above and beyond anything I have ever witnessed. Her love for her brother, and her skills at keeping things together, have not only helped Luc, but has kept our family together while she also deals with Alzheimer’s and Autism, and the frailties of both our sets of parents. Yes, Virginia, Wonder Woman really does exist….her name is Anne.

While there are miles to go before we can put this subject to rest, we can now see the miles we have come, and it is truly breathtaking. This week, we are taking a much needed break and heading off to our home away from home, Jasper Alberta. And we are going to climb Whistler’s Mountain for a man who can’t….yet. But one day, he will!!



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