A good friend of mine was talking to me about the difference between ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’, two reality shows which I personally do not watch. But the point she was valiantly attempting to make was that while the Bachelorette concept totally made sense and was romantic, the Bachelor concept was totally disgusting and vile.

I was under the impression we were living in a society that is based on equality, but evidently not. How is 30 guys vying to marry one lady better than 30 ladies vying to marry one guy?  We talked about it for a while, throwing about various scientific and psychological theories. It still came down to this, in her view; one guy, 30 ladies, means they’re all slutty and he’s a pig. One lady, 30 guys, and we have ourselves a magical, romantic romp through the park.

And so now, there’s a book series out that has taken the world by storm. The ’50 Shades of Grey’ series by E.L. James. I have not read them personally, but judging by the comments some of the ladies I know who have read them have said, it’s a little spicy. All right, make that ‘super hot-sauce’ spicy….

Naturally, I’m curious about all the hype. The reviews I’ve read are all over the spectrum. From ‘Trash!’ to ‘A good read!’ to ‘Make sure you have a cold shower available!’.  Everywhere you go, it seems, there are bunches of ladies whispering about the books and exchanging knowing looks.

One of Anne’s friends was reading the first book, and had gotten to chapter 7 when she decided, ‘Man, this is a good book…I’ll buy these for my mother!’, which she did. She gave them to her. Then, she read chapter 8, and realized just what she had bought for her mom. Oops.

And now, women are flocking to see the movie ‘Magic Mike’, a film about male strippers. I don’t know about you folks, but I’m seeing a trend here. I’m also thinking we’re about to see a mini baby-boom in 8-9 months from now.  Which is good I guess, because after all, my wife is a teacher and needs students to teach …..

Frankly, with all the writing I’ve been doing for the last few years, I think I could put out as provocative a book series as E.L. James. I’d call it ’50 Shads of Grey’ or something, a story about a man, a woman, and some pretty amazing bugs, which adds has a little local flavour. I would even cast myself as the lead in my made-for-tv movie.

And as for Magic Mike…. If you’ve ever been to a strip club where it’s ladies night, it can be wilder than the Calgary Stampede. I’m not admitting I’ve been to one of these aforementioned nights, just don’t judge me….I was trying to pay my way through college.

Sex has always been a good seller of things. We used to hear about Tupperware parties, and Avon sales, and now the big thing is ‘Passion Parties’, which in a way is a little like Tupperware, just not really. It seems, however, that the shoe is definitely on the other foot now. The powers that be have discovered who really controls the pocketbook, and it’s not men. Girl Power is alive and well.

As for me … I have to go – I need to adjust my tie ….hehehehe…..

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