luc and Anne

Just what constitutes 66 days? It’s slightly over two months. We’ve had two full moons during that time. We’ve lost all the Canadian teams in the playoffs during that time. The snow has melted, and winter has for the most part relented its grip on our land during that time.

Political scandals have surfaced in that time. Boston had a bombing in that time. There have been acts of terrorism in that time, and more importantly, acts of heroism in that time. Teachers covered their students in a deadly tornado in that time. So many things have happened in these last 66 days, I could fill this blog ten times over and never really finish.

66 days ago, my brother-in-law, Anne’s brother and only sibling, Fern and Gisele’s only son, suffered a stroke that was devastating and life threatening. He has languished in the hospital in Sudbury, and Anne and her family have gone almost daily to help with the attempted rehabilitation of Luc. It has been a tumultuous 66 days. In that time, while all these other events happened around us, Luc and Anne have strived to get Luc up and at it. Oblivious to what has been happening in the outside world, Luc has bent every effort, though physically and mentally challenging to point of bravery, to get to this very moment.

66 days ago, Luc went to Sudbury in an ambulance. Today, he comes home in a car. It’s only for overnight. He will be staying with his father, and the place has been set up to accommodate his needs. But still….he’s coming home.

I can mention all the effort involved with getting him to this point, but really, just knowing that this man has already climbed Mount Everest in our eyes is enough. He has miles to go, to be sure. But the progress is nothing short of miraculous, given his initial prognosis. With family and friends, love, patience, and understanding, Luc is now beginning the next step of his journey that will eventually lead, I firmly believe, to him once again teaching math to his young and eager students. Those students, and past students, teachers, colleagues, co-workers, friends….those who have given their energy to Luc so that he can harness the positivity of the Universe and once again rise up.

66 days ago, we nearly lost a brother, a friend, an intellect without parallel. Today, we bring him home to encapsulate the first victory of many.

We would like to thank all those who have believed, who have given us strength when none was evident, for keeping us on the path.

Luc is coming home.

  1. Rene Fournier says:

    Congratulations Luc and to all the family, you are forever in our prayers….Keep up the good work…

  2. Anna LeBlanc says:

    So happy for Luc’s family and the strength Luc done to save his life, Go Luc GO. Best of luck.And for you Anne you are the greatest sister and brother can ask for.xoxo.

  3. Anita Johnston says:

    A GREAT DAY INDEED!!…so happy for all of you …!! We are rootin for you in Pain Court!!

  4. Kitty says:

    The first of many day passes until he will be home. It’s been awe inspiring watching his progress, he and Anne are in our thoughts as we send love & good ‘vibes’ their way.

  5. yourothermotherhere says:

    How wonderful for him to have such support. That goes a long ways towards recovery.

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