♪ I believe there are angels amongst us…. ♪

Posted: January 2, 2015 in Humour
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It has been a tumultuous start to the New Year thus far. My mom has taken a turn for the worse, and so we sit and we watch and we pray. The family draws nearer, and we hope for the best, to be sure.

That said, I find that it’s at times like these where, overwhelmed as we are, the Universe sends us signs that , should we have the wit to acknowledge, can often save us from an even more enveloping dilemma. There are angels amongst us who affect us in so many ways. If it weren’t for these precious people I’m not sure how we would get through things sometimes.

This morning, while working alone at my shop, performing the dreaded accounting chores that come with such a position, my phone rang. It was a child’s voice, but he wasn’t saying much. After a bit, I hung up. It rang again a while later. Same thing. The next call was for a service call, and as I prepared to leave, there was knock at the front door. The front was locked because my manager had a day off, and she also watches our store in front.

Let me stop there to fill you in on an important detail. Our store isd an eclectic one, filled with rocks, stones, angels, tarot cards, and so many different items. We do refrigeration mostly, and this store just happened. It’s kind of like going to McDonalds to buy shotgun shells. You just wouldn’t expect this kind of retail store at a refrigeration shop.

So back to this knock on the door. It was a little boy, and he was looking in the window, hoping someone was here. So I opened it and told his mother we were closed. But then he asked me ‘Oh, please! Can the rock store be open?’

Although I have never met him before, I knew he had autism.  I have been around autism long enough to see the signs. My son and wife have autism. It’s how we live, 24/7. And I love it. And this young guy was on a mission. He wanted a particular stone he’s had his eye on, a pink egg stone on a cushion. He loves stones, and his mother told me it’s what he mostly plays with. He had saved enough money through Christmas and gifts and whatever other way he could save, and finally had enough to buy this prized possession. His mom had a look in her eyes I am quite familiar with. It said ‘please don’t judge his obsession.’ I and my wife have had that very look in our own eyes more often than we can count. These very special people often have particular tastes which they indulge in. It’s often a coping strategy, but most often a love of something to the point where it’s soothing.

I told her not to worry. I get it. I live it. I indulge it. And I never judge it. We have Paris and Star Wars all over our home, and truth be told, I find it just as soothing as my wife and son do. So this little guy got to leave with more than he bought. He got to indulge a little bit more. And he will again and again as I want him to come back.

Here’s the thing. We have angels amongst us to be sure, people helping us through all kinds of things. So it’s important for us to not only acknowledge this, but to return the favour and be angels ourselves. You never know who you can affect with your actions.

And let’s bbe clear. He was my angel today. I went to visit my mom afterwards, and my heart was lighter and brighter. Thanks Danick….see you real soon.

  1. Monique says:

    We need more people like you! You have made this little boy’s start of the New Year a great one. God bless you.

  2. Paulette says:

    Ah! What a nice story. You’ve truly made one person very happy today. Hope things get better for you and your family. By the way, I also believe in angels.

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