♪ This Magic Moment…. ♪

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Humour


As I grow older, I have learnt many things about life in general. Not to take things for granted, understanding that things take time, and that not everything works out as planned, to name a few. One of the things my wife Anne and I have been doing a lot lately is ‘living in the moment’. For many reasons, really, not the least of which is the situations our parents’ find themselves in health-wise. Seeing them age and grow frail has been a tough road for sure, as it is for all of us. But that doesn’t mean all is lost, or that there is no hope. All it has meant is a shift in focus for us, a different way to look at life in general. We savor life in ‘moments’, so that when you may be having generally a bad day, you can pick out the moments that actually weren’t all bad.

Today we went and got my mom out of the hospital for lunch. A trivial exercise for us, but from my mom’s perspective, which is a 24/7 hospital stay, it was a special occasion. Of course, it was special for us too, but when I saw my mom’s eyes light up when she orders a non-hospital meal, it no longer seemed trivial. The ability to choose what you want when you want is something we often take for granted. And so, when we took her back, I was left with a very humbling feeling, and wished for more for my mom.

It was a great way to start the afternoon. And little did we know, the magic wasn’t over.

Our next visit was to Anne’s mom. She is in the Au Chateau, our local elderly care facility that is saving so many people. Anne’s mom has Alzheimer’s, and has been slowly receding inevitably back as those suffering this debilitating disease all do. So the visits have been becoming shorter and less personal time has passed. We were bringing new clothes for her mom, and expected another visit much like the others. She doesn’t seem to want us to stay for long anymore, as it disturbs her routine. We don’t take it personally, of course, but it is particularly hard on Anne. Today however we were in for a ‘moment’.

As we were mentally preparing to make our leave, a bunch of staff members were showing up to take the residents to a concert. And before we knew it, we were all being herded towards an unexpected event. Anne’s mom has a hard time breathing lately as part of her journey through Alzheimer’s, and unexpected events like this tend to send her into anxiety mode. So she grabbed our hands and held on tight. It was a sweet moment.

After we settled in, we were served tea and coffee and treats, and were treated to an awesome concert by a man who has worked in such establishments for over 25 years, and was a truly awesome entertainer. For over an hour, the residents were taken back to various times in their past, reminiscing and singing and clapping and laughing. It was, for Anne and I, a Magic Moment. A moment to share with her mom, to enjoy better times, to allow her and Anne to bond for the Moment. And when it was over, and the residents returned to their regular routines, we left Anne’s mom a little more reluctantly.

The Universe blessed us with a Magic Moment. Several, actually. And for that we are most grateful.

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