The Jock

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Humour

Bill's Musings


Growing up, I was the last born of five kids. We had a great time. We also did not kill each other, which is testament to my folks finding ways to keep us busy. I don’t recall saying, ‘I’m bored!’ too often, especially when you know that such a statement will be followed by an introduction to ‘The List’, which contained all the odd jobs that inevitably needed to be done, particularly by bored kids. This list did not exist on paper, but was engraved on my parents’ minds, and could be whipped out at a moment’s notice.

As the fifth kid, I was also ‘Mr. Hand-Me-Down’. I’m pretty sure I wore a little bit of everyone’s clothes, which is sad when you consider 3 out of the 4 siblings I have are girls. Because of this, at Halloween I often dressed as a girl. Thankfully, it didn’t grow into…

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